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We didn't feel this, but still pretty crazy that this was in our neck of the woods. We are use to dealing with 2+ small earthquakes due to the geo-thermal activity up here in Lake County, but hope to never see a 6+ in person.

From the Napa Valley Register:

6.0 quake in Humboldt County this afternoon

Residents of Northern California’s Humboldt County were rocked by a magnitude-6.0 earthquake Thursday, but officials said there were no immediate reports of major injury or damage from the second large temblor to hit the area within a month.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported a magnitude-6.0 quake struck at 12:20 p.m. about 35 miles northwest of the community of Petrolia and nearly 50 miles west of Eureka. The shaking was felt within a 150-mile radius, as far north as southern Oregon and as far south as Sonoma County, according to the USGS Web site.

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